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Listen closely (this could be a start); baekyeol

Title: Listen closely (this could be a start)
Rating: pg13
Pairing: future Chanyeol/Baekhyun
Words: 2k
Warning: unbetaed, swearing
Disclaimer: EXO belongs to themselves and SME
Notes: sort of a prequel for this; bodyguard&idol!au
Summary: Where Park Chanyeol hates his new job, Byun Baekhyun is sensitive and Do Kyungsoo threatens a lot of people.

“There’s a major inaccuracy in what you’ve just said to me, ‘Fan. Your wife isn’t a wife, it’s a husband.”

“They don’t know this.”

“You worked there for three years, how would they not know you’re married with a dude instead of a girl?”

“They never asked, and I never told.”

Chanyeol scoffs, not entirely convinced. “And so you think that telling your employer that your wife is pregnant in order to get some weeks off is a good idea?”

“Listen, dude, you’re my best friend. You owe me. I just want to go somewhere nice with Xing, it’s been ages since I last got a vacation. You’re the only one with a good enough curriculum to satisfy Mr. Do. They’ll never let me go if you don’t accept this job.”

“I’m not so sure, I work with politicians and businessmen. I have close to no experience in babysitting a singer.”

Yifan looks crestfallen. “You’ve been the best man at my wedding, you’re like a brother to me.”

Chanyeol he’s sure he’s never seen Yifan getting this close to begging before.

It’s not that he doesn’t want the job. On the contrary, this could be the best assignment for him.

He’s still recovering from being shot after that funny incident with the assassination attempt of his previous client, the CEO of a famous bank with suspicious links to the local mob. He doesn’t need to think about it very hard to realize that a more low-key contract could be the easiest solution. He has a lot of money, he gets paid really well for what he does, but he doesn’t just want to stay home and lazy around. Being the representative bodyguard of a girly idol may be a little boring, not that much of a challenge for someone who wants action likes Chanyeol, but he only needs to do it for a little time, so he can relax and rest. After all, how difficult can it be? It’s not like this Byun kid risks being abducted or shoot or molested in broad daylight, right? RIGHT?

Chanyeol is going to kill Yifan. No, death would be too easy. He’s going to resign from his job, find Yifan wherever he is, probably in Hawaii having the time of his life with his cute piece of a husband, and then he’s going to drag him back to his own job.

Curse the day I listened to him, this is hell on earth.

Yifan has conveniently forgotten to tell him that the boy he has to protect happen to be the biggest bitch in town. And with bitch Chanyeol means that he’s a loud, annoying, purposefully cruel little shit. It wouldn’t even matter in hindsight, he only has to keep an eye on the singer and ignore the nasty way he seems to treat everyone, from the make-up artists to the pizza delivery boy.

Then he’s asked to buy drinks for the spoiled princess. Now, Chanyeol’s not a fucking maid and if Byun wants a soda he can always go to the vending machine himself. The problem is that when he tells his client exactly that, Byun Baekhyun actually gets up without a word and really tries to do it.

He throws Chanyeol one of those conceited, challenging looks that gained him a contract with that famous eyeliner brand, and casually walks into a room full of screaming fans who’d give their lives to have a piece of him and, look that, seems like they’ve just got their golden opportunity.

It could’ve ended like that. An idol skinned alive, Chanyeol being fired. He could’ve said goodbye to this job forever and started to get ready to welcome his new life of beaches and pretty boys and how can I spend all of the money I’ve gained until now?

It doesn’t end like that. Looks like Do Kyungsoo, other than being the most perfect manager that the world has ever seen is also a psychotic murderer.

He doesn’t only threaten Chanyeol.

He threatens Chanyeol’s dog, and Chanyeol doesn’t even has a dog, but Kyungsoo somehow knows he’s thinking of buying one and he threatens it anyway. He threatens Yura’s boyfriend, who works as a camera operator in a show called Running Man, and he threatens Yura, who works as a news announcer. Actually he doesn’t threaten Yura, everybody likes Yura and not even that dark soul that is Do Kyungsoo could mean any harm towards Chanyeol’s angel of a sister. No, instead he threatens Yifan.

“I’ll call Yifan’s husband, yes, I actually know he’s not a pregnant wife but an un-pregnant male. And other than his gender I know his name, card credit code, weibo password and telephone number. Look at this, I’m ready to phone him and blurt of that time when his dearest lover ended up in a love hotel totally drunk with Amber Liu and went out of that place limping, and then XingXing’ll ask for divorce and it’ll totally be your fault. “

Chanyeol is terrified. Do Kyungsoo is definitely worse than the little mob sidekicks he usually dealt with during work hours. “What can I do?”

“You,” says Kyungsoo in a deadly calm voice, “are going to go there and apologize to my best friend, before everything else. You were beyond rude towards him today, and Baekhyun is an extremely sensitive person.”

Chanyeol doesn’t think so. Chanyeol is utterly convinced that Byun Baekhyun is the antithesis of sensitive. He’s just a little prick who thinks too high of himself because of his pretty face and fat wallet. Kyungsoo, who other than being a violent blackmailer can also read minds, senses Chanyeol’s thoughts and sends him a warning glance.

“You’re going to be very convincing. We can’t risk one of Baek’s hysteric fits. It’s already bad enough that he has bruises, and probably a concussion. If he can’t perform in tomorrow’s event, people will fuss over it, and then it’ll become a scandal, and a lot of people will be in trouble. Only. Because. Of. You.”

Kyungsoo punctuates every word tapping on Chanyeol’s chest and pushing him towards the wall, until he feels like the shorter man is towering over him like a death angel of revenge. Which is impossible because the last time Chanyeol checked Kyungsoo was a dwarf, but he doesn’t dare to say anything else because he’s never be more afraid for his life than he is now.

“Ok, I understand. I swear, he’ll believe me.” Chanyeol has never hated one of his assignment like he’s hating on this one. And it’s only his first day. If he’s lucky he could also be the last.

Or maybe not.

“Also, don’t even think of resigning from this job. We don’t have time for another audition and we can’t risk being uncovered for tomorrow’s live exhibition.”

Baekhyun is ready to go to bed when Chanyeol finally musters the courage to talk to him.

He knocks softly and hesitates at the door when Baekhyun answers with a meek “Come in, Kyungsoo,” definitely not expecting Chanyeol to show up at his doorstep.

The singer lays on his bed surrounded by used tissues and chocolate wrappers, wrapped in a fluffy pink kigurumi, painfully similar to a PMSing teenage girl. His hands immediately fly to cover the puffiness of his eyes when he spots Chanyeol, standing awkwardly at the door and looking like he wants to be anywhere but there.

On the giant display hanging on the wall, Chanyeol’s sister, the irony, is reporting of the vending machine incident, informing everyone how the national flower boy Byun Baekhyun has been hurt by some of his fans during the afternoon.

“The company already called to complain. This kind of report is not good for my image.”

“Why not? They hurt you. If people were more aware of this situation, this wouldn’t have happened. They were like crazy, they…. They need to be stopped.”

“That’s silly. Normal people don’t buy four copies of my albums. Normal people don’t come to every one of my concerts. They don’t send me any expensive gifts. Only crazy fans do that, my popularity is based on a good eighty per cent on them, and you know what? They don’t like it when someone makes them look like the bad ones in national television. They don’t like it when I refuse their intrusive attention, because I’m here exactly thanks to those crazy, violent girls. They made me into who I am now and they can easily destroy me in just a few weeks. What do you think people will think when they hear that I mistreated my most affectionate fans? I can’t afford to antagonize them like this, even if they hurt me. I left college to pursue my dream of being a singer so I have no other option left if I get kicked out. No going back now.”

His voice sounds tired, rough at the edges. Without the thick layer of foundation the bruise on his cheekbone stands out, a stark contrast with the paleness of his skin.

“But you don’t care, right? I’m just the spoiled kid who made it this far because of his pretty face, right? My life is so easy that I have all the time in the world to ruin yours, right?

His voice raises painfully only to break at the last word and Chanyeol winces, recognizing his own words in Baekhyun’s mouth, the same talk he’d had with Yifan during lunch break. He had complained about Baekhyun. For like thirty minutes.

Now that he thinks about it, Baekhyun’s bossy behaviour had started right after lunch. A dreadful awareness washes over him. He had whined a lot when he was talking to Yifan, but Baekhyun had done close to nothing to make Chanyeol hate him that morning. He had just been a bored, tired boy with a full schedule and zero interest in his new bodyguard.

But if he had really overheard Chanyeol talking about him in that way just because he was pissed off and cranky at Yifan for sticking his own job to him, that explained why he had suddenly became the Korean male version of Cruella de Vil in the following afternoon.

The pieces of the puzzle slowly start to come together in his mind forming one of the most catastrophic and depressing picture of his last five years, at least.

Chanyeol feels beyond mortified. He’s been biased, and stupid. As one of the best bodyguards in Seoul, he’s always taken pride in his professionalism and reliability, but this time he’s really underestimated his job. He has probably ruined his and Baekhyun’s professional relationship forever, the person he should’ve protected is hurt, both physically and emotionally, and he’s this close to digging a hole in the ground and burying himself in it because the only person he can blame for this chain of failures is himself.

He has to do this. If he doesn’t apologize he’s not only a bastard, but also a coward.

“I apologize for what happened today. I misjudged your character and made more than one unforgivable mistake, sir, but I can assure you that from now on, my behaviour will be flawless.”

He bows as deep as he can, feeling his black work suit stretch when he bends down, and he hopes that this’ll be enough. It’s not just a matter of avoiding Kyungsoo’s rage, he really feels he has wronged this boy so much, and he wants to make amend.

If Baekhyun is surprised by his actions, or unconvinced, or enraged, Chanyeol doesn’t know. He doesn’t dare to raise his eyes from the ground to find out.

Finally the answer arrives, in a small voice.

“Okay, apologize accepted. You can go now,” he adds, in a slightly firmer voice, “and tell Kyungsoo to never sends people in my room again when I am in this pitiful condition.”

He unwraps a strawberry chocolate bar and violently bits it, changing the channel to a cheesy love movie and ignoring Chanyeol. Only when the door is almost closed behind his back, Baekhyun talks again.


“Yes sir?”

“From now on, drop the sir.”


And then they fell in love, the end.
This was actually supposed to be the third part of my baekyeol drabble challenge on tumblr, but since I'm painfully giving up after the first week I have no moral qualms about posting it here before the challenge is completed (I don't even know if I'll ever be able to finish it, so.)
Also, nothing happens here, this is mostly a character study that helped me understand Chanyeol's character a little better.
Tags: *fic:exo, au: idol&bodyguard, pairing: baekyeol
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