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Hold tight; baekyeol

Title: Hold tight
Rating: PG
Pairing: Chanyeol/Baekhyun
Wordcount: 1800~
Warning: extreme fluff and idiocy on both parts, this thing will never become nc17 if they go on like this, unbetaed
Disclaimer: EXO belongs to themselves and SME
Notes: set after this in my idol&bodyguard!au. For Claudia, because she's a cutie. Not because we share the same first name but because she's my lovely baekyeol pal and she sends me baekyeol links and I adore her a lot ♥
Summary: Baekhyun catches a cold and Chanyeol is overprotective.

“I’m clearing your schedule for tomorrow, you must rest.”

Kyungsoo’s words are blurred, sharp knives piercing Baekhyun’s mind through the haze of pain clouding his head. Baekhyun just murmurs some broken pleas, utterly unaware of his best friend’s quiet sigh and of the little hands covering him with a blanket. His world is reduced to the puffiness of his eyes and the battlefield that is now his head after three day of rehearsal for his comeback show.

“Was it good?” he manages to ask, referring to his live appearance earlier that afternoon. The painkillers are already working, and it’s difficult to talk when your mouth feels full of cotton.

“You were fantastic, Baekhyun.”

It’s Chanyeol’s voice, and maybe the pressure on his forehead it’s Chanyeol’s hand. Baekhyun would like to be more lucid, Chanyeol is probably touching him and he can’t even feel it on his skin. How unlucky of him, such opportunities are so rare.

“We must take him to the hospital, Kyungsoo!”

“No, we can’t, he has to make an appearance at that charity event in Singapore in three days. Did you see him? If we bring him to the hospital they won’t let him get out before the next week!”

“Should we just let him die, then? We can’t pack him in the airplane, he…”

“I’ll go,” insists Baekhyun, missing Kyungsoo’s worry and Chanyeol’s exasperation as everything fades to black.

Baekhyun is a mystery wrapped in velvet and silk.

Chanyeol has been following him everywhere for the past six months, and he still can’t disentangle himself from the strange spell that is Byun Baekhyun. It’s a game of mirrors and perspectives, and he’s still wondering whether Baekhyun is a single person or if he has an evil twin completely dedicated to making Chanyeol’s life a burning hell.

He hates him, hates the tight outfits, silk and leather. He hates his hair, bright red, blonde or pitch black, and the way it makes his skin seem milky pale and alluring. He hates his thighs, he hates his ass, he hates his tummy when the shirt slide high and higher and Chanyeol has to look away not to feel like a pervert and obviously Baekhyun catches him staring and he flashes him one of his cocky smiles. He hates the whole flirty and sexy persona, can’t decide if Baekhyun knows and it’s doing it on purpose just to rile Chanyeol up, the glances, a hand that linger a second too much, their eyes meeting on the rearview mirror while he’s parking in reverse.

And then there’s Baekhyun, and the way his hair is fluffy and bouncing around his head after a shower, when foundation is washed away and his skin is not white and perfect but rosy and soft, and Chanyeol can see the faintest shadow of freckles on his skin. There’s Baekhyun who laughs too loudly at stupid jokes, Baekhyun who teases Kyungsoo until the other boy puts his hand around his singer neck and pretends to choke him, Baekhyun who always remembers to order Chanyeol’s favourite for dinner.

Sometimes they’re the same Baekhyun, with his lame interpretations and killer smile and a load of aegyo that could move the hardest heart, but most of the time Chanyeol has trouble conciliating superstar Byun with the tiny kid scampering in the kitchen in his desperate quest for some ice cream at four in the morning, wearing a Girls Generation t-shirt as his pyjamas.

Baekhyun is a force of nature, nearly unstoppable, but when he falls, he falls hard.

“Chanyeol is right, you know? You shouldn’t perform tomorrow.”

“Don’t be silly, Soo. I’m alright, it’s just a cold, don’t worry.”

It’s not the first time he sings live while not feeling well. He’ll just have to be extra careful and take a little more pills than usual. For now, he concentrates on the way his head throbs with every dip on the asphalt, even though Chanyeol is being extra careful and driving very slowly.

Kyungsoo leans over him in a secretive manner to whisper in his ear, “He’s extremely worried, you know? Park, I mean, he wouldn’t leave your side yesterday. I had to threaten his dog to get him to sleep a little.”

“He doesn’t even have a dog,” mumbles Baekhyun, deciding that the sudden wave of hotness on his cheeks is because of the fever, not a reaction to the enticing idea that Chanyeol could care about him and his health.

“Yet,” laughs Kyungsoo, “but no, really, he only went away when I said that you would’ve needed him awake today. The airport is gonna be a nightmare, but I’m sure that our Park-ssi is dying to play knight for your inner damsel in distress. ”

Baekhyun tries to laugh the embarrassment away, but his head explodes and his throat clogs and the snicker ends up in a fit of coughs. Chanyeol’s eyes are on them in a moment.

“Do-ssi,” he begs, “please don’t make things worse. He’s sick.”

“See?” mouths Kyungsoo evilly, and Baekhyun is sure that his redness now definitely isn’t because of the fever.

Baekhyun is stubborn, loud, strong in every aspect of his personality. He teases Chanyeol until he can see his breaking point, backs off with a smile, lets him regain his breath before he stars attacking again. Baekhyun is a predator, Baekhyun is a fighter, Baekhyun can do it on his own, Baekhyun needs no one to protect him.

On a normal day, Chanyeol would never dare to help Baekhyun like this, holding his weakened body, keeping him closer than close to screen him from the fans and their intrusive hands, from their screams, from the shiny lenses of their expensive cameras. On a normal day Baekhyun would scoff and walk on his own to greet them, signing autographs and taking group photos with the most daring one, smiling for his dear girls. They love him so much, and he loves them too, but Baekhyun can barely stand right now and Chanyeol’s duty is to protect him, even if the other boy thinks he doesn’t need any protection. So Chanyeol dares to tighten his hold against Baekhyun, feeling every lump in his ribcage. He just has a moment to wonder if the other boy has eaten – he knows he can’t drink his medicine without eating first or his stomach will hurt – before the crowd is over them, so strong, loud and coupled with angry flashes that it’s like colliding head-on with a truck.

Baekhyun moans softly under his breath, almost inaudible. Only Chanyeol can hear him, and he feels him becoming heavier as he stumbles. He could’ve fallen, if not for Chanyeol’s grip on him. “Come on,” he whispers, lowering his head to whisper in Baekhyun’s ear over the uproar, “we’re almost there.”

Baekhyun nods, maybe, it’s difficult to see anything under the glasses, the face mask and the cap protecting him from the rest of the world. Chanyeol doesn’t let go, supporting the idol until they crash inside the plane, Baekhyun snugly nestled between Kyungsoo and Chanyeol.

“Did he take the antibiotic?” he asks looking at the manager. Kyungsoo shakes his head in denial and calls the flight assistant for a glass of water. They make him swallow the pills before he blacks out.

He wants to complain again that Baekhyun shouldn’t even be out of his bed, let alone on an international flight in order to perform. He and Kyungsoo have argued a lot in the last few days, but now Kyungsoo looks even more worried than Chanyeol is.

“I am going to call off everything for the next week, at least,” he sighs, and Chanyeol nods in approval.

He feels a light weight on his shoulder, and Kyungsoo gestures for him not to move. Baekhyun has fallen asleep against him, and Chanyeol’s breath catches at the sight of Baekhyun’s lashes, quivering against his flushed cheeks, the mole at the corner of his mouth, usually covered by heavy concealer, his pretty little mouth open as he struggles to breathe. He looks at Kyungsoo, terrified, “Help me!” he mouths, but the only answer he’s got is the manager’s smug face and a playful shrug. Kyungsoo turns on the other side, press play on his ipod and goes to sleep, probably laughing his ass off at Chanyeol’s panic.

He doesn’t dare to move, afraid that Baekhyun will wake up if he does, and he almost dies on the spot when he hears him whimpering. The idol doesn’t move, only nuzzles Chanyeol’s arm with his nose and settles a little better against him.

Chanyeol is a professional, and even though he’s one of the best, he knows he’s allowed to slip sometimes. He’s only human, after all, and mistakes are in his nature, but he also knows he has already made his own, back when he started to work as Baekhyun’s bodyguard. That time, he remembers with a grimace, he had crossed the line, letting his own emotions and antipathy towards his client affect his performance. He can’t stray anymore, because or it’d mean that he’s not fit to protect Baekhyun’s life, and that would mean the end. No more sleepy Baekhyun, no more stubborn Baekhyun, no more sexy Baekhyun, no more shy Baekhyun, no more curious Baekhyun, laughing Baekhyun, blushing Baekhyun. No more Baekhyun, at all. It’s a sad thought, and this is where Chanyeol becomes painfully aware that he’s already fucked beyond repair. He’s compromised. Over an idol boy.

Baekhyun moans again, like a little puppy, scrunching his nose. Chanyeol teeters on the edge of the most stupid decision of his life, but no one’s there to judge him. He wraps his arm against Baekhyun and pulls him closer, tenderly brushing his sweaty bangs away. Baekhyun leans into him, and he’s warm, so warm, and Chanyeol can’t breathe and he thinks he’s heard Kyungsoo laughing manically from his seat. He holds Baekhyun through the flight and doesn’t fall asleep.

Baekhyun spends most of the flight awake, listening to Chanyeol’s heartbeat, smelling Chanyeol’s expensive cologne, forcing himself not to shiver whenever the hold on his chest tightens in a protective manner, or Chanyeol dares to caress his face. When they’re about to land, he lets himself be settled in a more proper position, fighting only for a brief moment against the hand that disentangle him from his bodyguard’s body.

When he wakes up – when he pretends to wake up – he smiles politely at Chanyeol’s nervous enquiry on his health and behaves as if nothing just happened. Like he hasn’t spent the last four hours clinging onto the man of his dreams.

Kyungsoo is already passing him other pills, his performance is in a hour. He feels Chanyeol’s anxious gaze on his face as he swallow the meds.

“It’ll be crowded outside…” says his bodyguard, and Baekhyun smiles, really smiles at him, blotched nose and bloodshot eyes and Chanyeol smiles back and it’s perfect.

“Then you’ll have to hold me really tight if you don’t want to lose me in the crowd.”

“Don’t worry, I will.”

A/N: i am supposed to be on hiatus but it's 2am and this feels just like old tokyo times again.
typos, typos everywhere and tomorrow i'll read this again and feel miserable
Tags: *fic:exo, au: idol&bodyguard, pairing: baekyeol
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